About Us
In the year 2004, a new Planet emerged, known as VENUS BUILDTECH INDIA PVT. LTD. in the Orbit for providing infrastructure for the upgrading of transport network. As we entered in the lime light, there was no looking back and achieved new heights of success. Due to the untiring efforts of Directors, Officers and Staff, the growth rate is increasing by leaps & bounds.

VENUS BUILDTECH PRIVATE LIMITED has overall wedge on Road Works and due to our efforts and employing new techniques, we have been able to command all the sectors of DMRC working in different corridors and locations. We have been awarded contracts by the DMRC and other Companies were compelled to offer us to construct Road Works falling in their main contracts and we have successfully completed most of difficult sections in terms of road restoration without disrupting the flow of traffic although we had to face constraints during execution of the works.

During this period of boom in construction industry because of the ensuing Commonwealth Games, we acquired modern and advance road construction machinery viz. Hot Mix Plant, Wet Mix Plant, Sensor Pavers in addition to other machinery which we had viz. Soil Compacters, Vibratory Roller, Static Rollers, Tandem Rollers etc. Our Company also wants to plunge into the building construction works with advance techniques. To achieve the desired targets, we engaged experienced Engineers and complimentary staff to run the Company’s affairs. And the results are not far away. We can see the achievement of our goals and vision.

After serving delhi metro in delhi NCR, We have obtained a contract for Rs. 13.0 Crore (Approx).

To utilize our spare energies we have set up an Engineering Consultancy Services to help new foreign/domestic players to provide Consultancy Service for gaining a foot-hold in our country in the field of Building Construction also.

Another target which we have set is to enter into Joint Venture with multi-national companies and we are hereby inviting suitable companies to contact us.